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From Gary

After e-mailing Mistress Margi and getting confirmation of the appointment the next few days proved to be long ones, with the excitement gradually growing until the time and appointed hour arrived, i stood outside the door in eager anticipation, excitement and dread. The door opened and i was greeted by the Mistress her lovely warm smile and welcoming manner soon put me at ease. Dressed in black stiletto heeled shoes, black seamed stockings, short black skirt, white frilly blouse and black jacket, she looked absolutely gorgeous. Walking behind (what a sight for sore eyes) a shapely pair of legs encased in black seamed stockings, a wonderful derriere (of which i would encounter later), i felt a stirring in my loins as the Mistress lead me up to her chamber . After entering the chamber we chatted for a short time (all helped in relaxing the mood). I was then instructed to strip and kneel in front of the chair to await her return.

The mistress entered the chamber carrying some clothes, the mistress informed me i was to be dressed in stockings, suspenders, a maids pinny and neck piece finished off with black knickers,(this came as bit of a shock and was something new to me). Having put on the attire i found myself feeling aroused (the sensation of stockings on my legs felt quite nice!). The Mistress having become aware of my growing problem proceeded to tie a leather lace around my penis and testicles saying we dont want any accidents. I was then ordered to my knees and told to pey homage to her shoes. After a short while i was instructed to lie on my back and suck and lick the heel and sole of each shoe as it was presented to my mouth. The Mistress then told me to remove her shoes and lick the sole of each stocking foot (the musky smell and feel of her nylon clad feet as they pressed against my face was wonderful).

Having had enough of this the Mistress instructed me to light a cigarette for her. As i knelt by her side she just smiled at me (no words were needed, i knew what to do, i opened my mouth and she flicked in the ash, i then had to swallow it). Madam Margi then told me to stand up and touch my toes, she then pulled down the knickers that i had on. Moving round to my head she then clamped it between her thighs, (the vision i had as i looked down was almost too much, a lovely pair of shapely legs encased in black nylons topped off with a pair of stiletto heels, Heaven). I then recieved a vigorous hand spanking. Upon completion i then had to bend over a chair whilst the Mistress selected a suitable implement and then underwent a sound thrashing (but not too severe), a very warm glow began to spread accross my bottom, having administered the CP the mistress fastened the nipple clamps on (which were not too painful). The Mistress then instructed me to lie down on the bondage bench facing upward, and proceeded to secure me using ropes, chains and cuffs also attaching ropes to my lower regions which were then pulled taut.

Satisfied that the only movement allowed was with my head, a ballgag was placed in my mouth and fastened in place and i could only breathe through my nose. Glancing up at Mistress Margi i noticed that she was looking down at me admiring her work, with a glint in her eye and a mischievous smile playing across her lips (which were a lovely red colour) she then blindfolded me using a stocking. A thin rubber (i think) hood was then placed over my head plunging me into total darkness. Unable to see and only the sounds to go by the excitement was almost unbearable, a rustle hear, a clink there the sound of zippers being drawn up on boots (my guess only). i then felt what might have been pegs being attached to my testicles and chest, the dull ache in my nipples now began to grow. The hot wax as it hit my chest was a complete shock (didnt see that coming) my body strained against the bonds that held me so secure. Without allowing any time to lapse, i felt a movement by my head as my breathing was cut short, the Mistress had sat on my face (nose being closed with her weight) her thighs clamping shut around head i was in total darkness, silence and heaven.

After what seemed like ages (probably 5 or 6 seconds) i was allowed to breathe in some air as the mistress changed positions, settling down on my face again cutting off the oxygen, to add to my torment i felt the pain in my nipples as the Mistress pulled on the chain attached to the clamps (body securely bound, head trapped, unable to breathe, The pain, and considerable amount of pleasure, swept across my body taking me to heights i could have only dreamed about.

Dismounting from my prone body and removing the rubber hood and stocking blindfold the Mistress waited for my eyes to become accustomed to the light once more. Mistress Margi was standing just to the left of my head smiling down at me (what a fantastic sight greeted my eyes). The mistress had changed her attire and was now wearing (i assume) black leather panties (thong style) a black leather bra (as seen in the photos) black fishnet holdups and finished off with a pair of boots, (absolutely stunning, the look in my eyes must have been a picture). Having removed the ballgag the Mistress asked if i was ok, replying that everything was fine (must have been the understatement of the year) Mistress Margi then encased my head in a gas mask and moved out of sight, having a restricted view through the round eye appatures i couldnt see anything. Suddenly appearing above me there was Mistress Margi, smoking. Looking up and taking in the view i could not help but feel humbled in her presence. without warning she bent down and blew her smoke directly into the mask, forcing me to inhale it. Sometimes she would blow the smoke into the mask and then lower her bottom onto the opening cutting off the air supply (starring up and seeing her lovely bottom decending is a truly fantastic sight) this teasing was continued until she had finished her cigarette.

Removing the gas mask the Mistress placed a pair of black knickers over my head (these were partially seethrough) then facing my feet the mistress slowly lowered herself down on to my face, clamping her nylon clad thighs about my head forcing my nose deeper cutting off my air moving back and forth, sometimes pulling on the chain of the nipple clamps (pain and pleasure in equal amounts, total extasy), had the Mistress not bound my cock and balls so effectively (i am absolutely sure i would have exploded and made a right mess) however Mistress Margi certainly knows her art and kept me on the edge in exquisite fraustration. Mistress then got up and after removing the knickers from my face, presented the soles and heels of her boots for me to worship (this i was only too pleased to do).

The Mistress then straddled my prone body (the feeling of her sat astride me, once again had me aching to explode). Sat astride me smiling down, Mistress then informed me that she was going to remove the pegs and nipple clamps (this i was dreading), As each peg was removed the pain grew until only the nipple clamps remained. Pulling gently (for that was all it took to create a mix of pain and pleasure) with a mischevious smile, Mistress Margi removed the clamps together, Straining at my bonds, trying to push my chest up i felt the pain as the blood coursed back into my nipples, the mistress sat across my body smiling. After being released from the bondage bench and getting some feeling back into my arms, Mistress commanded me to kneel in fornt of her and worship her boots, each one in turn. I was then instructed to lie beneath her seat where she proceeded to place her heels on my nipples (oh such sweet agony) whilst she had a drink and relaxed. After the session was over we chatted for a while before bidding the mistress goodnight and saying goodbye.

May i say that if anybody is in any doubt about the credentials of Mistress Margi take my advice, take the plunge, bite the bullet, e-mail the Mistress and humbly ask for an appointment, you want be disapointed, she is a truly fine, exquisite and sensual dominatrix who knows her art.


From Slave S

Thank you for a wonderful session last night Mistress .. i really did enjoy being your slave ;-)

Your control of me started much earlier than the 8:30pm appointment you gave me, in fact it started when i first received your email requesting that i call you either before noon or between 3pm and 4pm. Since i had already missed noon i had to wait till 3pm. I had already planned a few beers in the afternoon watching the England game with friends but if i did that i would not be able to drive later. The game kicked off at 3:30pm so i figured i would call at 3:15 then decide what to do. 3:15 arrived and i called but your mobile was switched off. In the end i decide that i would go see the game but not have a drink till 4pm in the hope that i could call you before. I noticed the time get to 3:55 and decide to try again as i heard it ring my heart started beating faster ... then you answered and thank you for such a pleasant chat and sorry i was a bit quiet on the phone but it was a bit hard to say out in the beer garden with lots of people around that i was into being tied up beaten and humiliated as although i doubt it i felt as though everyone would hear. The rest of the match i had no real interest in the game and was thinking only of my appoint meant with you.

i arrived at your house a little early as i had allowed a bit of time to get lost on the way and as i walked up your drive you opened the door ... WOW !!! Mistress you are stunning !!! ... i was lead upstairs to your playroom and as i followed you i had a great view of your bottom boot and seemed black stockings ... even a glimpse of stocking top ;-) i enjoyed our little chat before the session started about what would happen etc and what i could expect before you ordered me so strip and you would return in a few mins to begin.

After i stripped i had a quick look at some of the pictures on your wall before kneeling in front of your chair as i awaited your return and my enslavement to you Mistress. i have listed some of the things that featured in the session and some of my feelings and thoughts:

Foot worship ... i love to worship a Mistress's feet ... Starting off with your wonderful boots, they tasted so sweet. At first the toe and heel but then you reminded me of the soles and my duty make them spotless. i remember your command to put the whole toe in my mouth ... mmm. As i worshipped your boots Mistress i could see you in you above me ... STUNNING !! ... Later in the session you had me remove your boots and massage your stocking clad feet. i enjoyed this and thank you for your complement on the job. i enjoyed sucking your toes and could have done that for hours ... you have the most beautiful feet Mistress and i really enjoyed giving you a foot massage.

Smoke humiliation ... i had never done this before and although i am a non smoker but i do find women smoking sexy. i loved the way you stared directly at me as you talked to me then forced me to open my mouth and inhale your smoke. It was my first time to ever be used as an ashtray as well something i was not expecting. As soon as you said i need an ashtray i had a feeling of foreboding and when you ordered me to open wide and stick my tongue out i knew what was about to happen. You flicked your ash in my mouth then said "swallow". It really did taste disgusting but then i am a disgusting male slave so it was quite apt that you should use me in this way. As you continued to enjoy your cigarette i was to begin to enjoy being your ashtray ... i know i can do it now Mistress and would be your willing ashtray anytime.

Spanking ... Thank you for going easy on me. i know i am wimp and you soon had me wincing with the pain. i deserved every stroke ... probably more ! ... you sure are excellent in administering the twase and paddle. Thank you for not using your cane on me.

Bondage .. Being tied to your punishment bench with the rope was awesome ... you certainly know how to render a slave completely helpless and i was soon was completely helpless and at you mercy. hearing you talk about Mistress Judi as tied me and imagining you snogging her in front of your helpless slave was such a turn on. Once secured i was very much your prisoner and you could have kept me there for hours.

Sensory deprivation ... Once tied unable to move i was blindfolded, i could see nothing but could hear you Mistress as you walked about the room. the sudden feeling of pain as you attached what i assume were pegs to my nipples and cock and balls was unbelievable your slave had no idea what would happen to him next. Nothing could have prepared me for the hot wax over my chest. How lucky i was my cock and balls escaped.

Strap-on Worship ... i felt like such a slut knelt between your beautiful stocking clad legs sucking your big black strap-on and as i did i realised that i was completely enslaved by you Mistress Margi. When you asked if i would like to suck your breast i thought WOW ... heaven ... but i soon realised you were teasing me and you reminded me that that task was reserved for Mistress Judi ... all i was good for was sucking your strap-on!

Trample: At the end of the session when you had me lie on the floor under your chair and decided to trample me a little with your spiky heels. As i looked up i could see first your strap on then your ample cleavage above me. In fact you were above me and me in my rightful place beneath you .. as a slave should be. Again i looked at your wonderful stocking clad legs as forced one of your heels into my mouth.

Thank you again for a wonderful evening Mistress Margi



Hi, Madame Margi,

I have visited your website for the first time today 11-07-05 and I felt I had to send you an e-mail to say this is the best website I have seen, and I have seen a lot of websites relating to femdom,but nothing comes close to yours. I will become a member as soon as I can, I would love to come over for a personal session (if you would have me!!) but I live in Dublin and dont have a lot of time off work and e-mail trainning doesnt appeal to me so maybe in sept or oct if possible?? thank you bye, Mark



Beloved Mistress,

Of course, Mistress i am still looking at YOUR exciting website daily. At every update my excitement grows up and i think i am obsessed with pictures from YOU. As You know my phantasy is full of scenes where i am at YOUR feet prepared to be dominated by YOU. Especially the last update galleries are absolutely exciting and "Polish_my_boots" is the pic, i love most of them.

It is the one that may show me in front of YOU being commanded to do my slave job. i love the way YOU look, and the strict attitude, mouth open as YOU cry out the comman... No man can resist such a WOMAN. So what remains is to obbey and do the job with great joy and polish Mistress boots and even more...l

So thanks for YOUR attention. YOU are great.

YOURs thom



Dearest Mistress,

How right you are - as always - black is without doubt the colour of dominance. But why?

Perhaps the colour of the night, of mystery, of danger, of risk, but if white is the colour of innocence then black is the colour of wisdom. And it is also the colour of stark contrast.

The beauty in the contrast of a black silk stocking top and black suspender, framing your soft, milk white thigh. Of the black sheen of a laced corset against your uplifted, quivering satin white breasts. So balck and whit have a great erotic resonance.

One of the most erotic images I've ever seen outside your haven, was ten years ago in one of the City's most prestigious merchant banks; of a tall shapely woman in a long, black pencil skirt, in stilletos, I suspect stockings, with her hair piled high on her head, a wide, high wasted belt and for the most startling effect a crisp white linen shirt with the collar turned up.

She was devastating and although she was a PA, I suspect she actually ran the bank!

And while red comes second, it isn't a close second and is perhaps best reserved for lipstick and nail paint - when on you mistress it is sensational.

Dior was so astute; so black - be it leather,silk, satin, nylon or rubber - always black, dear dominatrix.

And the most divine of black, is the black of the hood you place over my head, the mask that goes on my face over my eyes as darkness descends to envelop me, and under you I surrender to you caring, but demanding power and submit to you. There is no more wonderful colour than black for it is also the colour of submission.

Yours R




i am sorry if i bother YOU. But i cannot help myself. i want to say several words to YOU. i often visit YOUR web site simply because i want to see YOUR fotos and to read YOUR texts.i would like to explain : i am a submisive male and i adore dominant women. In spite of the fact i am relatively young i am not looking for young women. i am persuaded mature women can dispose of much stronger female power than young girls. Thats is why i hope i will find such a beutifull and experienced domina as YOU are one day. i am sure submissive men must be very happy when kneeling in front of YOU. i am often imagining myself kneeling naked with collar on my neck in front of YOU (i hope i did not make YOU angry for writing that).

I think there is a domina at the heart of nearly each mature woman. But only few of them let their great feminime power fully unblock. What a pitty! Both the man and women could be much happier. I think a lot of women want to control men and a lot of men want to be ontrolled by women. So i would write much more but i am affraid i would trouble YOU. i hope i did not hurt YOU by something. i do not know English well, it can be the reason i did not write something politely.

But in my heart i am polite. i admire YOU and i want to find such a beatiful dominant woman as YOU are. i wish YOU all the best and i hope YOU will never be dissapointed with YOUR slaves (these lucky men).

With kind regards and great respect




From the second Madam Margi opened the door I knew this was going to be special, very special. Not that the pictures on her website look bad but in real life this lady is stunningly attractive with a figure which could ‘stop traffic’.

She was dressed immaculately in a cream blouse provocatively open at the neck, short grey skirt, black seamed stocking (my favourite) and black high-heeled shoes. I was immediately struck by her height, about 5’ 11” in heels. I could hardly wait to be taken upstairs small but very clean playroom. Her warm smile immediately put me at ease. We chatted about the format of the session but all I wanted to do was throw myself at her legs in worship.

What followed was easily one of the most sensuous experiences of my life. She stripped down to a black bodice before I worshipped her stocking feet, followed by some light trampling. Next she used me as a footstool, I was so eager to please that I took all her stocking toes in my mouth at once.

For the next three hours I was heavily roped into a large wooden chair and secured by leather belts. She took off her panties, rubbed them over my face and then stuffed them into my mouth. Her stockings were then used to tightly tie my cock and balls. She then teased my mercilessly with a leather cat, I had to check myself as I was in danger of breaking the thick ropes such was the intense feeling of arousal.

Eventually she untied me, took me over her lap and spanked me before letting me worship her gorgeous soft bare feet, resplendent in red nail varnish – wow.

A sensational day and easily my best with a dominatrix.

Thanks Madam Margi for such an unforgettable time.


hi madam

i want to thank you for a very enjoyable session i had with you yesterday, you looked amazing , i loved how your satin blouse felt against your smooth skin so sensual you had me breathless. i would love to see you again soon . i would love to buy you a satin blouse to wear maybe you could wear it on my next visit, i will keep you informed, thank you again your satin

slut brennan x



Dear Madame Margi,

my name is andrew, im 40 years old and im a submissive male from just o/glasgow. recently whilst surfing i came across your website and was stopped dead in my tracks, your site is so different from many others, other sites show free videos which last no more than 3 or 4 seconds and really doesnt give enough to tempt a potential subscriber and gives no real feel for the website, your site gives a more generous view, but really by this time i was mesmerised by your fantastic photos.

i only subscibed yesterday after realising i had seen you at, it was your age that finally persuaded me to join, i have had a bad experience putting my bank details online and vowed i wouldnt do it again, this is what held me back. all my life i have been very attracted to ladies older than myself and i know it is a fact of life younger men are drawn to older women, in saying that i would never have believed your age, you really are a true goddess. i also believe it is a fact that sexy lingerie looks a million times better on a mature lady than one younger and you are certainly proof of that. you are such a beautiful lady, so elegant, so feminine and so classy.your outfits are so unbelievable, you really have such a wonderful taste in clothes. although you are a strict dominatrix you seem like such a feminine, sexy lady with such beautiful movement that gives you such power over men. i would imagine that when outside there must be thousands of men ( and women) who have felt their knees go weak upon passing you by.

i have yet to get fully through your site because of my "excitement", the first video i viewed your sub, a stout guy was taking a hell of a whipping (without flinching) and i thought to myself that seems a bit too much for me, then after seeing your smoking video i thought after you looking into my eyes i would be able to do anything for you. your pictures are totally awesome and on first coming across your site i actually realised my mouth was open when looking at the screen.

i must finally apologise to you, when i joined ALT recently i actually sent you a message, i did not realise i was writing to such a fantastic dominatrix as yourself, i am quite embarassed about that now.

finally i hope you can accept this letter as a tribute to your magnificence.

love, regards and adoration andrew xx


Hallo Lady Margret,

First of all, excuse my bad English please, I`m a german young men (36 years old) from East Germany. I´ve joint your Site two day`s ago and I`m really happy to found this SuperSite,I`m looking for a long time.

Especially your roleplay as the strict aunt or the teacher is the absolutly climax for me, based on a really occurance it happend during my childhood with my really aunt. I was interested in her Leatherwardrobe since I can thinking about my life She works as a teacher on my school and in the autumn she often wearing black kneehigh Leatherboots, black Leathergloves, a black Leatherskirt, a short red or blue Nylonapron and over this a black Leatherjacket Once upon a time, I was 15 years old, at the school-toilet, wearing one pair of her red shiny leathergloves ( I´have stolen by her ) touching my cock as she opened the door My Head was burning and I´m afraid that she can say all to my mother. I`m kneeling infront of her boots and was begging for my life. ....... The End: I must masturbating wearing her red gloves kneeling infront of her and she was smoking a gigarette wearing her black leathergloves, she put on very slowly.

Since that time and ever since I`m a devote Leatherfetishist (not a masochist). That`s why I`like Lady´s like you wearing Leathergloves, leatherboots, Leatherskirts, Leatherblazers and Leathercoats are being a Leatheraunt or a Leatherteacher. That´s why I wish that you will keep up your good work

Lovely Greatings and kisses on your gloves and boots my leatheraunt Lady Margret from Hubertus



Dear Madame Margi!

Congratulations! Your websites are great. Especially the role play fantasies in uniforms and leather seem to be wonderful. (what´s about the fantasy of a totally leatherclad military prison warden wearing leather riding breeches?) By the way your friend Sabrina impresses me very much. To see her in uniform, leather or (leather) riding breeches would be very hard stuff! You see I´m an admirer of the more mature (and may be full-figured) uniform and leather ladies - and I´m sure I´m only one of the crowd (so carry on ...).

But I´ve a simple question (and a problem): are there any possibilities to become a member by paying in cash? Is there the possibility to send a letter with money and an e-mail adress? I don´t want to give up my anonymity.

Thank you and all the best to you - have fun!