Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Slave Fantasy 13

The room was filled with the inane buzzing of small talk; of this year's bonus, of how much property prices had risen, of how much the children's education had cost. Admittedly the champagne was very good and I was pleased I'd worn a suit - I felt I stood out from the mediocrity that people fall into as the festive season progresses.

Looking around there was nobody who seemed to be interesting enough to talk with. Oh God not more pointless conversation over canapes.

Then I felt as if I was being studied, perceptivey studied. Looking beyond the crush of middle aged bodies I saw a pair of blue eyes steadily assessing me - I felt a jolt as our gazes met, mine faltered her's remained level. An arching of an eyebrow, the twinkle of any eye, the beginning of a smile across red lips. All framed by an aubern mane of hair with just a hint of highlight.

My eyes dropped to take in the rest; a striking necklace showing Yin intertwining with Yan; a white satin, tailored blouse, with just a hint of obviously voluptious cleavage; that lead my eyes down to fine breasts and a sensuously narrowing waist. Which was gloriously highlighted by a wide patent leather belt, atop a long black pencil skirt that descended to just below her knees.

She half turned to pick something up from an occasional table and as she did I could see her a rear; two globes filled her dress and defined a devastating curve, from this her legs went on forever, clad in silk stockings, with her feet in patent leather court shoes with heels that were uncompromising and, interestingly just a little higher than was strictly necessary.

As she turned back, she reasserted her gaze and I noticed a darkening from beneath her blouse; whatever she was wearing underneath certainly wasn't white. I coudn't guess at an age - it didn't seem important, but she was obviously stunning and sophisticated with a sense that she knew waht she wanted.

I felt uncertain what to do. And then I noticed that she had her her finger's wrapped around an empty champagne flute and was indicating to me with a red painted fingernail that she'd like another glass.

As I eased my way over to her with two fresh glasses, the buzz of background conversation drifted to the back of my mind; it was if we were the only people in the room.

I opened the conversation, "This is very good champagne" but her response stilled my next line "Yes it is, but this is a very boring party and I just loathe the false bonhommie at midnight. I'd like you take me home. Please get my coat and gloves, they're on the table; both black leather you won't miss them.

In the hall, I helped her on with her coat, she put on her gloves and swept out of the front door, her coat swirling around her as she strode quickly down the drive. The New Year's night was frosty - she shuddered and stopped.

Turning to face me, she took both my wrists pulling my arms under her coat and around her waist. I couldn't but help feel the stays of a corset and the crossed laces in the small of her back.

"I want to be warmed before we go on to my car. Now a questions - did I see you looking at my bottom?"

"Yes" I replied.

"And as your hands have just discovered, you know I'm laced into a corset - which by the way is black." Then mesmerically she giggled, "You know there's really nothing quite so nice as being tightly laced - you should try it sometime!"

Her gloved hand smoothed its way across my chest, and undid a button, her finger tips rolled my nipple. My hands relaxed on her waist.

"Did I tell to to let me go - no! Keep them there, I know you are enjoying holding me so keep them there whilst I find out something about you - after all you found out something about me. Just let me do what I want to, to you - you're quite safe with me. Just let me find out if you're special".

Her pinch increased I felt some pain, then warmth as I leaned against her emitting a whimper then a moan. A leather clad fingertip touched my lip, and she whispered "that's good, you'll be just fine, no need to say a word, in fact don't speak, button my coat, take my hand and just follow."

We arrived at her door, and she held me whispering, "I hope you'll come in with me to see in the New Year, but I must tell you, so that you fully understand, I'm not going to seduce you, I'm going to dominate you".