Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Reviews Page 24


Review of my visit to the finest Mistress of all - Madame Margi.



            I arrived precisely on time to a very annoyed mistress. I was hoping for a smile. I was strictly told to remove my shoes and bring my few belongings with me upstairs. I enjoyed following her booted heels closely from behind. We sat and we started to talk in a rather dark inner chamber. Slowly candles were lit as we talked. Before long I did not know if it were day or night or even Christmas day I had arrived. We were going to escape the harsh realities of life for a few hours and we were both going to enjoy ourselves. To all slaves that know Madame, you will already be aware of her beauty, professionalism and generosity. It is a joy to look her in the face. It is a joy to see her beautiful clothes and footwear. I only had time to see her in leather and it was so, so very soft. Oh to be slapped across the face in soft leather gauntlets is what my dreams are full of, even more now than ever before. The entire time Madame was talking and learning about me. Not once in all the time I was with her was I in slightest bit aware of her time watching. I did know there were other slaves on the way that day and a slave asking for judicial punishment but not sending the deposit in time. I was asked if I was nervous when I arrived and it was plain to see Madame was not pleased with me. Before too long I felt I had been forgiven and she appreciated how well I responded to her kindness. Now those still reading this will wonder do I know the English language and the meaning of kindness. Sirs I do, she kindly allowed me into her home, she understands and she made herself very presentable. Her presentation which is of course a very important factor was immaculate as was her complexion. She puts her whole soul into being Madame Margi for the time you are with her. She had kind eyes, very deceiving when she is about to cause you considerable pain with nipple clamps which adds to the excitement. I will end shortly now as a lot of words can be daunting, if anybody is considering a visit to a mistress for a once in a lifetime experience or an occasional treat. This truly remarkable person has a soul which she puts into her work, she is passionate, she is careful and I was able to sit down on my train journey home but knew I had had a sound thrashing at the same time. I should not have been able to take much more, that was a skill in it own right. Anyone who enjoys a shoe fetish or foot fetish, Madame Margi is for you. She adores it and lets you know. If she was to whip me across the face with a riding crop while sucking I would have sucked all the more, till my brain said no and I was helpless to enjoy the pleasure any more. Martin.