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The sexiest woman in the world? - 2007/09/09 18:20

That's an extravagant claim, allow me to justify it. Let's look at the evidence. Madame has devotees from 18 to 80 and they are from many countries, continents and cultures. Madame is gorgeously curvy, not the stick insect shape so "popular" today. Ugg! Madame is statuesque, has most the beautiful colouring from Her auburn hair to Her Celtic fair skin; endless legs in Her towering heels and seamed stockings and the most wonderful breasts almost to die for, showed to the maximum advantage in her all leather ensemble of long dress, Pollini boots and shoulder length opera gloves, tightly encasing her powerful but womanly arms. Her arms! Oh Her arms! I think Madame's arms are almost Her best feature especially when wielding Her impressive battery of whips, canes and cruel leather straps or as we call them here in Scotland "tawses". To see the kid leather stretch and crease over Her flexing muscles is a delight not to be missed as She smiles and laughs whilst aiming each agonising stroke.The pleasure Madame derives from punishment is not in the least feigned. Madame I know only too well, has grown increasingly to adore the cries of her slaves as they suffer under the lash just for Her. Indeed Madame is encouraged to lay it on even more, enjoying the power over Her helpless slave.

I have digressed a more than a little from the main topic, which is Madame's appeal. Not just Madame's physical beauty but it's Madame's personality which makes Her so utterly irrestible, Her devillish laugh, Her twinkling oh so blue, mischievous eyes; Her understanding and sympathetic probing to get the best out of every encounter; Her care and regard for her slaves. Is it any wonder that they flock from far and wide to prostrate themselves at her delicious feet? Those who have met Madame and know her well would love to keep Madame's beauty and brilliance to themselves but know how impossible that is, now Her web sites are scanned by thousands daily as She is beseiged with request for appointments from all over the world.

The sexiest woman in the World? Well I know so and so do thousands of others, can we all be mistaken? Forget about your Halle Berry's and suchlike. No one comes close to Madame's fusion of beauty, womanliness, character and shear presence! Go on, I challenge you if you dare. Name anyone better!

Still alive but gone to heaven already, Caro