Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Reviews Page 34



Dear Madame Margi,
I just wanted to say once again how much i enjoyed spending the afternoon with you, it has given me a big boost at what is low point. I am now very chilled and refreshed.
I always thought you looked hot in PVC but was spell bound when you opened the door in a nice tight PVC dress, where does a slave look, your warm and wicked smile, ample cleavage or silky smooth legs clad in fishnets. I was still wondering as i followed you upstairs but became distracted by the vision before me.
Once inside your chamber i was soon being punished, probably for insisting i follow you upstairs. The swish of the cane is a small price to pay for watching your body move in the mirror as the strokes land on my behind. Then bound in the chair blindfold as you went about your other business. I enjoyed being a fly on the wall doing my best to peek under the blindfold. Then i felt you approach and slowly sit on me, as i thought how lucky i was to have your beautiful PVC clad body resting on mine i became aware of a sharp and intense pain on my nipples, then i realised your PVC dress had caught the clamps oh the pain but what a pleasure, there can be no better nipple torture than that.
Then for more than i thought possible. After polishing your dress, following the shiny PVC over your curves you raise your skirt to reveal your bottom allowing me to use my tongue, this is something i must do again. Then it was on to the much promised golden shower. If i had known this is a treat some of your slaves get i would have asked sooner. Not sure you thought i was serious in my request but was happy when the time came to follow you into the bathroom and assume the position in the bath. It was an awsome sight seeing you tower above me with a glowing smile as i anticipated what was to come. I was not disappointed as the champagne flowed i caught what i could in my mouth and allowed the rest to cover my body. Can't wait to find myself in the same position. Can't explain why this is a thrill but it is.