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Truly Painfully Eatery (Review) - 2008/04/22 00:32 Truly Painfully Eatery

The menu on offer was a set menu, you just have to accept whatevers been carefully and thoughtfully selected and there was a lot . A new aspect of this visit was to be blindfolded and attempt to name each item being so skilfully used, I failed miserably on the first selection. The "Starter" consisted of ten strokes of each of the following items ! Wooden Handmade Paddle - Slut Strap - Leather Paddle (great) - Birch 1 - The Josephine - and Birch 2 - what a great starter ,went down a treat . Before the "Main Course" was served I was "entertained" with the Lambskin Flogger - back,front and bottom. Then six strokes on each hand from the replica "Lochgelly Tawse" and two on each hand from the "Original" version to assess the difference between the two - both excellent plus a hand spanking with and without leather gloves . The "Main Course" had a mysterious air about it after being fitted with the hood no vision and hearing restricted also handcuffed while lying on the bed . The previous quiz answers looked good compared to the "Main Course" answers. What followed were..................
Ten strokes of each of the following - XH 2 Tailed Tawse - XH 3 Tailed Tawse - JD LochgellyTawse - Scorpion Tailed Whip - Cat-O-Nine Tailed Whip - Glasgow 4 Tailed Strap - The Crop - Bad Boy Strap - Big Black Boris . My attempt to identify these items resulted in only 3 being correct , four times I guessed the Bad Boy Strap - all wrong . When it finally was the Bad Boy Straps turn "The Strict Discplinarian" said " if you get this one wrong I'll start again from the beginning " I was tempted to give the wrong answer but didn't . Then a lengthy vigorous over the knee spanking . Everybody loves "Dessert"and this was no different , Junior Cane - Dragon Switch - Springy Lambskin Handled Switch all delivered with precision Ten times each. And so this incredible session came to an end , all helpings were generous and served up with relish but the icing on the cake was still to come . I suppose this was the equivalent of a cappuccino and mint . The 49 strokes of the Dragon Cane were amazing each stroke administered with increasing power resulting in quite a bit of swelling . What a tremendous way to finish off such a carefully prepared selection . A Five Star ***** rating guaranteed further visits for anyone wanting to expierence such a comphrehensive and varied menu .

Compliments to the Chef !!!