Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Reviews Page 42


Dear Strict and Sexy Aunty Margi

Wow! What an amazing session with you today. Let me start by saying how simply stunning you looked today. Such beautifull curves and oh so wonderfull red satin blouse and black leather skirt. And your new red stilleto heels looked absolutely great.

How do I begin to describe such a wonderful session when you teased, tormented, humiliated and punished me in so many ways.

You so expertly transformed me into the prettiest girly sissy I have ever seen. How humiliating for me but amusing for you. The corset and waist clincher you put me tightly into gave me such a slim waist. The stockings looked great on my slender legs and the mary janes looked so girly. My botty looked so pert as did the little breasts you gave me. Oh and the blonde wig and eye lashes. The whole effect was almost ovewhelming at one point as you secured me to your frame and I looked at myself in the mirror and you took some photos.

After lots of spanking we moved into your punishment room and you secured me to your bondage bed. Blindfoled you teased and tormented my teeny weeny willy and balls. You spanked my willy with and then ran ice cubes across it. You attached pegs to my poor balls which was a surprise but not as much as the surprising pain of them being removed one by one. At one point im sure you used some kind of vibrating device to torment my willy and balls. I have no idea what it was. At times it all felt like I was in a dream world.

Having been released I was truly amazed to see you in the most beautifull satin and your red stilletos. You put these stilletos to good use and in addition to making me suck them you used them to crush my willy and poor balls without mercy. Oh the pain! What a punishment for being a naughty sissy.

For the entire session you gave me lots of hard spanking over your knee. My poor botty was on fire. The heavy leather paddle was so painfull im sure I shed a sissy tear at one point. You even caned my bare botty and gave me some lovely stinging stripes.

What a packed session. I know I am quite youthfull but have to admit that even I was a little exhausted at the end. You were able to just keep on spanking. You have such a strong right arm.