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I was rather apprehensive as I arrived at Madame Margi’s home for my first session last week. I had previously arranged with Madame that she would take the role of a very exclusive private governess to whom I had been sent by my Headmistress. I thus had with me a sealed letter of introduction, but did not know what it contained.

What a vision me my eyes when Madame answered the door and ushered me inside! Madame is quite tall and wonderfully shapely. She was wearing a luxurious but formal ivory silk blouse, severely straight black skirt to her knees and glossy high heels. As she walked away from me, I noticed at once the heel triangles and seams of traditional fully-fashioned stockings.



She sat down next to me and seductively crossed those wonderful legs. I explained that my Headmistress had made the appointment for me, and handed to Madame my letter. She opened it, and read it carefully. The time she took to do this only increased my delicious apprehension about what was going to happen.

Finally, Madame announced that my Headmistress requested her assistance in two matters. Firstly, as I was an inexperienced boy who had just started to take an interest in the feminine mystique, Madame was to teach me the ways of a lady. Secondly, she announced matter-of-factly, I had been sent to her to be caned! This came as quite a shock, particularly as Madame had been so kind and gracious. Madame explained that I had not done anything specifically wrong; my Headmistress simply considered that I had reached the stage where a moderate caning would do me no harm - and Madame agreed!

She explained that she would first spend some time initiating me lay’s matters, and would then administer the caning. First she pointed out all the elements of her outfit that I had already noticed – the feather softness of her blouse and the tightness of the fabric of her skirt as it stretched over her thighs and her lovely curvy bottom. To my extreme surprise and delight, she invited me to look carefully at the curve of her breasts as they pushed the silk forward, and to admire her marvelous derriere. You can be quite sure that I lost no time in obeying! During all this, Madame stood very close to me, and pushed her body against mine in the most wonderfully thrilling way.

She then sat down again, and proceeded to instruct me in the finer points of lady’s nylons. She explained that proper fully-fashioned stockings, which is all a lady would wear, of course, do not stretch like modern inferior hosiery and require careful attention to the suspenders. She then gracefully eased back the hem of her skirt, which had ridden a little way up her thighs as she sat, and let me see her suspenders. My cock, which had become hard as soon as I arrived, was now positively straining. She asked me to acquaint myself with the feel of sheer nylon by stroking her legs. As I did this, she smiled and caressed my face in the most bewitching way. Afraid that her seams were not completely straight, she stood up and again deftly raised her skirt. She stood with her back to me, and bent over slightly. I was then requested to inspect the straightness of her seams and make the necessary adjustments, unfastening and refastening the suspenders myself.

As I did so, noticed that Madame was wearing the black lace corselet, which features in her photos from time to time, and black lace knickers underneath. I could not have had a better view of her superb bottom, and you can be quite sure I made the most of it. When I had finished, Madame smoothed down her skirt and informed me that the next part of my instruction would be to view a lady’s breasts. Slowly and deliberately, she unfastened the buttons of her blouse sufficiently so that I could see her exquisite boobs nestling, and perfectly supported, in the cups of the corselet.



Madame then buttoned up her blouse and announced, quite calmly and without fuss, that the time had come for the second reason for my visit – I was to follow her upstairs to the punishment room, where she would cane me. Once we were there, Madame seated herself on a high-backed chair, while I sat on a small school chair at her feet. Madame explained that, in order for a caning to be fully effective, the recipient should be warmed up first. She then ordered me to stand while she dropped my trousers and pulled down my underpants. Anybody who visits Madame will never forget the thrill as her deft and gentle fingers pull down their boxers! You then know for certain that there is no escape. She delicately positioned her feet, eased her hem back a couple of inches, and put me over her knee. How wonderful her nylons felt under
my swollen cock! She said afterwards that she could feel it throbbing.

Madame proceeded to administer a hand-spanking on alternate buttocks, until she got a really good rhythm going. It wasn’t hard, but my bottom soon began to experience the most delicious tingle. When she decided I had had enough, she allowed me to pull up my trousers and sit beside her again. She then went over some of the things she had taught me downstairs and at my request, raised her skirt again so that I could see her bottom once more. It was at his point that I made a mistake – kneeling down, I stole a kiss to Madame’s derriere! Oh! What a naughty boy I was! Oh! How I would have to be punished for taking such a liberty, and my Headmistress would hear of it! Without any fluster or hurry, she deftly and expertly put me across her knee again, and gave me another thorough spanking – the tingle returned, but warmer.

After spanking me for a second time, Madame selected a cane and repositioned the chair slightly. She instructed me to bend over and place my hands on the seat of the chair. She announced that she would give me a number of ‘courses’ of six strokes, and I was to count each stroke and thank her. The first course consisted of a few preparatory pats before each stroke, and I counted ‘one, thank you Madame’ and so on. I was permitted a moment’s rest before the second course, which were in rapid succession, and slightly harder. It was in the third and final course that Madame really got into her stride and the sensation was just perfect. I received six good strokes onto my warmed bum, with no preparatory pats but thirty seconds between each stroke. How Madame’s cane swished! By this stage, I just wanted to surrender totally. I stuck out my bum as hard as I could, and let the burning course through me. I longed to touch my raging cock, but dared not.

After the caning, Madame seated herself once again on the high-backed chair and me on the little one – with my trousers and underpants still down! The cool wood felt good against my toasted botty. Madame drew slightly flirtatious attention to my erection, and explained that she realised that young men must experience relief occasionally. To my intense gratitude she crossed her legs so as to give the best possible view of her thighs, handed me a wad of tissue, and ordered me to ‘finish off’ – it was said kindly, but it was most certainly an order. As I touched myself, Madame urged me on in a very refined and feminine way.

What a wonderful, wonderful afternoon!

In adoration